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    If you could create anything you dreamed up, how much fun could you have?

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Cynthia Wong is on a mission to create 1 million inspired moments to empower people to step into their light and live the inspired life of their dreams.

[Please head to ** www.cynthiatravels.com ** for her new and rebranded site since 2021 for retreats, corporate & university wellness programs, and 1:1 private coaching!]

As the founder of Cynthia Travels (formerly Ananda Vibes) Yoga Adventure Retreats & more experiential events held in paradise locations around world, she believes nothing compares to being in nature, and has taught half her classes outdoors across 20 cities, resorts, or islands. She sees yoga, traveling, adventures, & retreats as transformative vehicles to connect again to ourselves and step into the person we’ve always known we can be.

While born and raised in Chicago and traveling 70 countries across 7 continents, Cynthia began crafting yoga retreats in the way she likes to travel – through adventure, community, discovering new limits, and giving back. She’s driven by a desire to discover what magic happens when we live with wild abandon, give without expectation, and love without fear.

Cynthia has received 5 teacher certifications in Bali, Indonesia totaling over 600 hours, including:

Team Member
200HR Hatha Vinyasa + 200HR Vinyasa & Restorative Yoga

Shades of Yoga School (2015) | Levi Banner (2018)

Team Member

KiteWest Watersports (2015)

Team Member

Dolphin Method / Jennifer More (2017 & 2020)



  • Adventure Retreats
  • Runners
  • Pre + Postnatal
  • Mama & Baby, Family
  • Couples
  • Refugee Girls/Women
  • Mr World Malaysia
  • MURFEST Festival
  • Bali Spirit Fest
  • Breath
  • Environment
  • Community
  • Nature
  • Sunrises & Sunsets
  • Candlelight
  • Live Meditative Music
  • Customized Playlists
  • Fun!
  • Open Air Dome
  • Urban Parks
  • Skyline Views
  • Candlelit Balconies
  • Coworking Spaces
  • Seaside Villas
  • Desert Festival
  • Eco-resorts
  • 5-Star Resorts


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Yoga, Adventure, Growth
  • “Cynthia is fantastic in feeling the atmosphere in the group and set a class where everyone can shine.”

    "I met Cynthia when she was guest teaching at Pangkor Laut. After practising pretty serious kundalini yoga for several years, she gave me an experience of more fun yoga - a kind of vinyasa hatha yoga where you move your body from one position to another in a calm flow. After just a few classes I felt very comfortable trying new positions and play around with my body. Cynthia is fantastic good in feeling the atmosphere in the group and set together a class where everyone can shine! I really hope I will get the opportunity to attend any of her retreats in the future."

    Marie Andersson, Sweden
  • “"I was surprised to see the growth I had in a few short weeks."”

    I had a great time during the private sessions with Cynthia. It was my first time really giving yoga a shot, and was surprised to see the growth I had in a few short weeks. What I gained went beyond our practice, and I began to realize that I could give something a try, even if I wasn't perfect.

  • “"Really helps me to start bringing my awareness to the present moment."”

    Attended Cynthia's winding down yoga class and I had such a great sleep after that! Without being too yin, Cynthia takes you through a gentle flow that opens up your body to negate all the sitting and slouching you might have been doing the whole day. My favourite part of the class was setting intentions at the start! Really helps me to start bringing my awareness to the present moment and fully enjoy the session!

    YIN SLYVIA, Malaysia
  • “ Cynthia is an inspirational and philosophical teacher, full of passion and enthusiasm.”

    “We absolutely loved our regular yoga classes with Cynthia. She is an inspirational and philosophical teacher, full of passion and enthusiasm. We practiced on an outdoor platform above the lapping sea, and felt so in tune with our surroundings. Cynthia is attentive and kind in her approach and we felt strong and empowered following her classes. We would do anything to return to top up our spirit!”

    Joanna & Matthew Doel, UK
  • “Cynthia has a gift for bringing about amazing yoga experiences and connecting people from all over. ”

    I signed up for a morning class with guest artist and yogi Cynthia during my stay at the Pangkor Laut Resort, and ended up taking another as the sessions were so fun and relaxing! Cynthia has a gift for bringing about amazing yoga experiences and connecting people from all over. The sessions were held in a pavilion by the sea, and the experience was simply incredible as Cynthia led us in stretching, breathing and reflecting on the beauty of nature around us and finding our inner calm. Namaste.

    Michelle Lim, Singapore
  • “Full of positive energy and vitality, it gave me a huge push for next weeks.”

    My first yoga experience was an amazing Yoga lesson with Cynthia, and we had precious time spent chatting about life. I'll never forget my first Yoga lesson in this wonderful environment with her as a teacher. Full of positive energy and vitality. It gave me a huge push for next weeks. If there is a right balance in life, I think Cynthia's got it :)

    Marek K, Germany

Published Media

A few of the features of my yoga classes and events:

BURO 24/7

Vinyasa Vibes to Chillstep Music

"Once I started to relax and follow the instructions without thinking about how much of a struggle it was—that's when the Zen kicked in. And it was surprisingly good, pulling myself away from all my worldly troubles for just that moment. The struggle was indeed worth it. I'd definitely do it again." ~ Jessica Fang, Culture Writer

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Mama N Bubs Yoga

"We've worked with Cynthia on many occasions and felt that she would be great to manage the dynamics of the class as it gets challenging not just engaging the mothers but also the babies. You have to be flexible and be able to mentally pre-empt and gauge so many things as an instructor! Thank you Cynthia for being an outstanding instructor!" ~ Hui Mathews, Founder

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Live Music Sunset Yoga Under the Dome

"This meant we could watch the sky’s colours change while pairing our movements and breath to the live music. Cynthia was great at creating a calm, welcoming atmosphere... It truly was a magical experience and I even text my Mum afterwards saying ‘it was one of the nicest things I’ve ever been to!'" ~ Rachel Chew, Fitness Blogger

Pics & More
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