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Getting Ready

Vitamin Sea Retreat for Self Rediscovery

Yay! We’re thrilled you are considering (or decided!) to join us for our upcoming retreat!

Soon, imagine yourself immersed in a 8-day getaway to explore Vis Island in the pristine Adriatic Sea in breathtaking Croatia. Together as intimate group, we will embark on island excursions, and we’ll practice yoga on land and sea – for all levels no prior experience required! I’ll guide you into a week of self inquiry, dream up more magic in our lives, and just live in the present moment. Get ready to rediscover who you are and redefine what it means to be alive.

I’m thrilled to do another retreat in this dreamy place to literally soak in the Croatian waters, sights, tastes, and hospitality. After traveling 70 countries across 7 continents, I’d have to admit my summer dream place is seaside Croatia… come to find out why! HINT: it might have to do with the unfiltered turquoise colors.. jump in for yourself to know if it’s real!

This page will inform you of what to expect, about the island, packing list, arrival, logistics, daily themes, etc. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and happy to hop on a call to see to chat more and see if it’s for you!

With so much love,
Cynthia, founder AnandaVibes Yoga & Adventure Retreats
Email: namaste@cynthia.yoga
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/291784278378284
More about our retreats, vision, gallery, etc: www.AnandaVibes.com

Team Member
Cynthia Wong

Host & Yoga Instructor

Team Member
Team Member
Ananda Vibes

Yoga & Adventure Retreats Around the World


The Deets

What's included
  • Morning SUP Yoga
  • Hilltop Accommodation
  • Veg Brunch & Dinner
  • Towels
  • Yoga Mats
  • Wine & Cheese Evening
  • New Moon CIrcle
  • Excursion to Komiza Town
  • Trip to Stiniva & Srebrena
What's Excluded
  • Arrival into Split
  • Ferry to Vis Island (7 Eur)
  • Lunch while we Explore
  • Drinks on Day Excursions
  • Optional July 4th Boat Trip
Packing Suggestions
  • ATM Card / Cash
  • Chargers / Power Bank
  • Camera
  • Yoga, Summer, Beach Clothes
  • Bathing Suit
  • Hat, Sunglasses
  • Flip Flops, Walking Footwear
  • Sunblock
  • Personal Items
  • Optional - lock for valuables
Retreat Co-Living

Croatia > Vis Island > Home & Family

CROATIA is known as the Land of 1000 Islands, of Antiquity, of Magic, and of Crystal Clear Waters. And no better time and place to rejuvenate your soul and re-envision your life than on dreamy Vis Island!

VIS ISLAND charms everyone with its beautiful beaches, beautiful waters, 17th-century architecture and great seafood restaurants, all of which we’ll get to explore. We’ll take a 2 hour ferry from Split and after a series of small islands, a harbor lined with a jagged mouth of creamy white houses emerges. We’ll stay on the hilltop overlooking Vis Town, which we can walk into anytime. If you’ve seen Mamma Mia 2, this is where they filmed it!

OUR HOME hilltop accommodations are located in and overlook Vis Town – rich in history and architecture. The gorgeous villa has panoramic views of the sea, swimming pool, open terraces, places to chill, open dining area with views, wifi, and includes 4 twin rooms + 2 single/double rooms with en-suite bathrooms and air con.

MEALS included consist of veg/vegan raw and plant-based whole food buffet brunches and dinners, prepared fresh with love using locally produced ingredients. As Vis produces some of Croatia’s best known wines, we’ll have an evening under the stars to indulge a little on wine paired with delicious local cheese, olives, dried figs, chocolates, and more. Coffee, tea, snacks and nibbles provided daily, and you have the option to try out restaurants, seafood, and cafes as we explore the island each day.

OUR FAMILY will journey together and re-define the meaning of what a typical “yoga retreat” stands for. What Ananda Vibes stands for is blissful vibes, great community, conscious co-living, soulful conversations, liberation of life, but most importantly, really epic good times. We often hear the best part of all the activities is just the fun and laughter while connecting to each other. We are honored people have had such a wonderful time the first time that they’ll come back for more, even if it’s another year on the same paradise! Like all our Ananda Vibes Yoga Adventure Retreats in paradise islands around the world, see what it’s like to come together as strangers and leave as family.

STANDUP PADDLEBOARD YOGA is accessible to everyone. It’s a fun way to practice using your core and balance while we adventure on water. Having been certified to teach SUP Yoga, I’ll guide us all into fun yoga flows and poses, adding a whole new fun element of the yoga practice we think you’ll love. Feel free to take it where you want, and it’s an opportunity to let go of being perfect. The worst that could happen is that you fall into the refreshingly crystal clear waters! Below are a few photos from some free time SUP during last year’s retreat at the neighboring Hvar Island!

Team Member
SUP + Yoga Instructor
Team Member
Everyone Can Paddle!
Team Member
Growth & Fun


The 7 EUR ferry ride will be on your time and expense. While I recommend we all take the 9am boat trip, if your flights do not allow, the 2 hour trips are listed below:

FROM SPLIT TO VIS TOWN on June 29th, arrival day: ferry @ 9 am, 3 pm, 9 pm & catamaran at 6 pm
FROM VIS TOWN to SPLIT – On July 6 departure: 7 am catamaran & ferry @ 12 pm, 6 pm

We will end on 6th in time for the noon boat off Vis Island

PRICING for 8 Days, 7 Nights – SUP/Yoga + Vis Island Exploration Retreat:

– shared room for 2 – 1490 EUR
– come with a friend – 1390 EUR ea.
+ add 400 EUR to upgrade to private * only 1 single room left!

To Note:
– Accommodations/rooms include a/c, TV, pool, laundry, sea views
– 400 EUR deposit to lock in your spot & price, pay in full by June 15
– Bring a friend and get 100 EUR off ea
– Save 10% if you’ve been on a retreat before with me!

Beyond Yoga

Agenda, Yoga, & More

RETREAT THEME & AGENDA Anyone who’s done yoga with Cynthia may know how much she loves to tailor build themes to elevate any class and/or or retreat. This 8-day summer retreat finally allows her the opportunity to focus on each of our chakra energy center day-by-day. While no standup paddle, yoga experience or chakra knowledge is necessary, we’ll embark together on an inner journey of self discovery to propel us towards our true paths. Be ready to open, heal, strengthen, reflect, journal, and enjoy having so much fun being young and alive!

Let’s nourish our souls with VITAMIN SEA vibes to seek harmony & realignment within ourselves. Sneak peak of what you can expect for daily themes and special activities:

Day 1 – Sat, June 29 – Root chakra focus – TO BE HERE
– Welcome dinner, Opening circle
– A grounding yoga flow on land to gain presence, trust, and security within ourselves and our group

Day 2 – Sun, June 30 – Sacral chakra – TO FEEL
– Vis Town exploration + Beach #1
– SUP yoga + land yoga – yin/yang with hip openers to activate our center of creation, vitality, and zest for life

Day 3 – Mon, July 1 – Solar Plexus chakra – TO ACT/DO
– Stiniva & Srebrena beaches, wine & cheese night
– SUP yoga + land yoga – core-centered, building strength for self esteem, willpower, drive, and ambition

Day 4 – Tues, July 2 – Heart chakra – TO LOVE
– Vis town exploration + Beach #2 further away
– SUP yoga + land yoga – heart opening flow to grow our love center to tap into compassion, love, empathy, and forgiveness

Day 5 – Weds, July 3 – Throat chakra – TO SPEAK
– Komiza Town Excursion, new moon evening ceremony
– SUP yoga + land restorative candlelight evening yoga to speak our truth into the existence and own our own unique authentic expression

Day 6 – Thurs, July 4 – Third Eye chakra – TO SEE
– Optional boat trip afternoon excursion (celebrate JULY 4th with me!)
– SUP yoga + land blindfold yoga – tune into your intuition & inspirations to re-envision your dreams

Day 7 – Fri, July 5 – Crown Chakra – TO KNOW
– Vis Town exploration, optional evening out
– SUP yoga + land yoga – have fun trying out some arm balances & inversions to tap into mind-body balance, grow our life force and bliss

Day 8 – Sat, July 6 – Going Beyond the Chakras
– final SUP yoga class – gratitude, bliss, & oneness
– closing circle to seal in our journey

PRIVATE BOOKINGS are an option during our free time, if you’d like to pre-book time with Cynthia. Sessions are tailored based on your intention – be it a deeper self understanding, finding peace and balance within, discovering your path and mission, etc. Please inquire if you are keen on any of the below:

– Private Guided Meditation
– Holistic Life Coaching – lifestyle design, finding balance, personal growth and development, life purpose, etc
– Shamanic Astrology Reading – gaining a deeper understanding of your soul’s journey
– Reiki Healing – energy or spiritual cleansing for stress reduction and relaxation
– Theta Healing – healing session at the theta state to overcome subconscious blocks

Logistical Details

Travel Prep

VISAS – While we’ve checked in with most that you will not need a visa, please do double check this!

TRAVEL INSURANCE – We highly encourage purchasing a travel insurance plan in case of any travel hiccups, lost baggage, etc. Plans range per country.

1 EURO = 7.39 CROATIAN KUNA – While there will be ATMs at the airport and around the island, please ensure you have some pocket change for food, beverage, souvenir, etc purchases. While Croatia was accepted into the European Union in 2013, the main currency is still the kuna. Fun facts: The word ‘kuna’ refers to marten, a weasel-like animal, whose fur coats were used as payment many centuries ago! As well, 1 unit of currency is kuna, and plural is kune, pronounced “koo-neh”!

FLIGHTS – There are direct flights to Split from many European destinations. Overseas flights are often more reasonably priced going into Zagreb, from which you could then take a plane, train, or bus to Split. There are also charter flights to Split from UK regional airports like Bristol, Norwich, Birmingham, Southampton, Luton and Manchester.

You can also fly to Dubrovnik, Zadar, Pula and Zagreb airports. Some low cost European airlines fly into nearby Zadar on the Dalmatian coast. From Zadar, fly to Split or take a bus along the coast to split (approx. 2.5 hours). From these places you can easily connect to other cities by plane, bus, train or car rental.

Airlines which fly to Croatia from European cities
• EasyJet from London Gatwick
• Wizz from London Luton
• Austrian from Vienna
• German wings from Berlin Schonefeld, Cologne, Bonn, Hamburg, Stuttgart
• Lufthansa from Frankfurt / Main International
• SNBrussels Airlines from Brussels
• Norwegian Air from Oslo
• SkyEurope from Bratislava, Prague, Budapest and Kracow
• Croatia Airlines flies from London
Gatwick, Manchester, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Vienna, Zagreb, Berlin
Schonefeld, Dusseldorf, Hannover, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Rome, Athens

Almost Done!

Final Thoughts

Hope you find this welcome site informative. Yoga, retreats, and experiential journeys around the world are my passion, and I am touched that you are considering or have decided to book with us. We promise a wonderful experience to remember, complete with some self discovery and new friends!

Below is my contact info, feel free to connect and happy to set up a call if you like
Cynthia – namaste@cynthia.yoga / www.AnandaVibes.com

And a bit about your organizer / teacher:

Having traveled 70 countries & 7 continents by the age of 30, Cynthia founded Ananda Vibes Yoga & Adventure Retreats to share her travel lifestyle and passion for people and potential. She’s run 8 retreats in the first 1.5 years across 4 European & Asian countries on her favorite paradise islands. She lovingly crafts transformative journeys combining yoga with fun adventures, soulful villas, community partners, and karma yoga giving back to mindfully grow past our limits. She has 505 certification hours under belt – two 200 hr Vinyasa Yoga trainings, 20 hr Standup Paddleboard Yoga, and 80hr Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga.

Cynthia is on a mission to create 1 million inspired moments to empower people from their own light within. She can be found traveling anywhere from 10-18 countries a year, and further has instructed outdoor yoga classes across 14 countries & 7 continents, if you count the class on the ship deck returning back from Antarctica! Cynthia provokes the notion that if you could create anything you dreamed up, how much fun and growth could you and others have?

Thanks for your time, and look forward to seeing you soon!


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